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Some people asked me already how I would spend all that spare time I have now that my thesis is finished. Well, THANKS for asking. DESPITE THE FACT that I’ll be back in a fulltime job from this friday onwards AND my son is (finally) getting his teeth – which should be more than enough […]

1ft Startup has released the second part of their article on J2ME Porting: Entertaining a crowd, part 2. Testing’s the topic this time. Recommended!

J2ME Porting


Yet a few more useful tips & strategies on real-world J2ME development. From 1ft Startup: J2ME Porting: Entertaining a crowd, part 1. Recommended.

FONFinder News


Wow, news about FONFinder is spreading faster than I expected! Ogle Earth has mentioned me in this recent blog entry, less than a day after my original post! Now that, of course, puts me under pressure to finish FONFinder even sooner! And with some style 😀 I’m currently in the middle of designing graphics and […]

It’s been a while since my last private, spare-time-wasting geek development project. In fact, it’s been so long that I even closed down the no.5 geekvault in the meantime! (It’s the no.5 blog’s equivalent to Google’s Google Labs – sorry for the shameless exaggeration 😀 ) But now, after all these months, I’m back! Working […]

Check out C. Enrique Ortiz’ post on mobile widgets and the ‘next battlefront for mobile applications’ – the idle screen! I couldn’t agree more on this recently favourite topic of mine (just in case you haven’t noticed yet 😉 ) Featured on this week’s Carnival of the Mobilists.

Supreme J2ME has some neat optimization and coding hints for mobile Java developement. Highly recommended. (I’m switching from Eclipse to Netbeans NOW!) Also check out Miha Preda’s (somewhat controversial 😉 ) post on the 10 principles of Assembly Java.