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If you’re a developer who gets to play around with mobile gadgets and high-end smartphones a lot (or, well, frequently enough at least – like myself) it’s easy to get excited over the stuff you can do with those things nowadays: realtime 3D graphics, integrated GPS, animated SVG user interfaces, Flash, you name it. Despite […]

I thought I’d open up this post to collect issues, bugs and feature requests for the FONFinder. I’ll update it over time. Drop me a comment if there’s something on your mind about FONFinder. There are currently issues with special characters. Especially the Umlauts are a problem as they are quite common in German/Austrian street […]

Without much further ado – I’m releasing my newest geek-project into the wild: a first version of the FONFinder can now be seen and tried at UPDATE: I’ve started to collect and track issues, bugs and feature requests here. Drop me a comment if there’s something you want to let me know! For those […]

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Wow, news about FONFinder is spreading faster than I expected! Ogle Earth has mentioned me in this recent blog entry, less than a day after my original post! Now that, of course, puts me under pressure to finish FONFinder even sooner! And with some style 😀 I’m currently in the middle of designing graphics and […]

It’s been a while since my last private, spare-time-wasting geek development project. In fact, it’s been so long that I even closed down the no.5 geekvault in the meantime! (It’s the no.5 blog’s equivalent to Google’s Google Labs – sorry for the shameless exaggeration 😀 ) But now, after all these months, I’m back! Working […]