YouTube Mobile: I’m a Fan!


screenshot0009.jpgSome people asked me already how I would spend all that spare time I have now that my thesis is finished. Well, THANKS for asking. DESPITE THE FACT that I’ll be back in a fulltime job from this friday onwards AND my son is (finally) getting his teeth – which should be more than enough to compensate – I will also try and blog a little bit more 😉

First off: I downloaded the new YouTube Mobile client today and I have to say – it rocks. A 255 kByte download; it’s, in fact, a Java app, not a Symbian (!). For some reason the signed version wouldn’t install on my phone, but there’s also an unsigned version (which, I guess, confirms my personal belief that Java signing is a totally useless process…).

There’s a clean, animated UI; as on the mobile Website, videos are 3gp files streamed via RTSP (thats my educated guess, anyway) so no download required. Playback worked smoothly for me via 3G, with stable and responsive rewind and fast forward.

I heard that the app is lacking some functionality of the desktop Website. I’ve never been much of a YouTube power user, so I can’t really comment on that. Anyways, the key feature that’s IMO crucial for a mobile app is there: upload. And with a free, (almost) one-click-possibility to publish directly from my phone to the world’s biggest online video community… hey who knows, I might actually become a YouTube power user now!

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