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Just in time for the Congress formerly known as 3GSM: Personal navigation products manufacturer Garmin has announced in a press release this week the nüvifone – a GPS-enabled 3.5G smartphone. Release 3rd quarter 2008. Maps and POI data preloaded for North America, Eastern and Western Europe (I always considered Austria Central Europe – hey!); spoken […]

My thesis is keeping me away from blogging – and even reading blogs – and will most likely continue to do so until January (after which my new job will most likely keep me from blogging…), but this just has to be posted: Clever guys from Medallia figured out the access to the iPhone’s accelerometer […]

What? I know this photo is dorkish! Hey, it’s not even mine. Paul shelled out those 600 Euros and got himself this baby from eBay. And until someone cracks the SIMlock, it can’t even do voice calls over here in ol’ Europe! You have to love it 😀  

Already some days old but still worth reading: The Google Phone: Fact, Fiction and a Huge Link List. DailyWireless connects the dots on Google Phone rumours.

Nokia is gearing up its promotion activities for the release of the N95: Check out this hilarious online commercial for their ultimate GPS-/Wifi-enabled, Location-API/SVG-API/SIP-API/M3G-API-supporting multimedia computer!

Check out C. Enrique Ortiz’ post on mobile widgets and the ‘next battlefront for mobile applications’ – the idle screen! I couldn’t agree more on this recently favourite topic of mine (just in case you haven’t noticed yet 😉 ) Featured on this week’s Carnival of the Mobilists.

Two days ago, mobile location services publisher uLocate launched WHERE, a GPS-enabled mobile widget platform. For now the product is apparently only available to Sprint customers. Maybe I’m too much of a geek to have a representative opinion on this – but I generally believe that widgets will be one of the next big things […]