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My thesis is keeping me away from blogging – and even reading blogs – and will most likely continue to do so until January (after which my new job will most likely keep me from blogging…), but this just has to be posted: Clever guys from Medallia figured out the access to the iPhone’s accelerometer […]

1ft Startup has released the second part of their article on J2ME Porting: Entertaining a crowd, part 2. Testing’s the topic this time. Recommended!

Another great mini-game for Google Earth! Developed by Google Earth Hacks: Google Earth Football. The game is played inside a virtual KML stadium and it makes cool use of network links and a radioFolder menu to control the game moves. (There’s also a quick run-down of how the the game works internally for the nosy […]

If you’re a developer who gets to play around with mobile gadgets and high-end smartphones a lot (or, well, frequently enough at least – like myself) it’s easy to get excited over the stuff you can do with those things nowadays: realtime 3D graphics, integrated GPS, animated SVG user interfaces, Flash, you name it. Despite […]

Couldn’t agree more with this post by C. Enrique Ortiz ‘The Future of Web Applications is Local‘ (no, not in the location-based/local-search kind-of sense – though I personally believe that the future of mobile Web apps is local in that sense as well 😀 – but in the running-locally/offline kind-of sense recently made possible on […]



Just stumbled across this project: Mobzombies – a terrifyingly mobile game. The project uses accelerometer and compass hardware to control an arcade-style game on a Sony UMPC. It will be featured on Where Fair of this year’s Where 2.0 conference. Another fun – geekish, but fun – example of blurring the boundary between virtual and […]

Already some days old but still worth reading: The Google Phone: Fact, Fiction and a Huge Link List. DailyWireless connects the dots on Google Phone rumours.