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My new spare-time project blogloc is not even out of closed beta yet, and already people are finding alternative ways to use it! Lacking a decent mobile phone with a GPS (c’mon, it doesn’t even have 3G, jeez) Katz has elected to use blogloc as her personal “I would rather be here” sidebar widget, and […]

All right. As I said in one of my last posts, I really want one of those maps on my blog’s sidebar where I can share my current geographical location, directly from my GPS-enabled mobile phone. I also said that there are several tracking services out there that give you a mobile client and an […]

Over the weekend I took some time to thoroughly test drive the Nokia N95‘s Internet-based A-GPS. First off: the experience of using apps like Google Maps or the Nokia Sportstracker with it is just excellent. Blazing fast fix times (30 seconds to a minute, maybe) and reliable signal reception. Even works indoors with no trouble. […]

There’s a great post over at the 01 blog. Already put it on my shared Google Reader feed (which, just by the way, is a highly recommendable source of information 😉 ), but thought I’d also dedicate a short post on my own blog since the original post’s in German. In his post, the author […]

After my previous post on OpenCellID I dug up some old work of mine which I did back in 2002: I collected GSM signal power measurements (cell ID and RXLEV values) across Vienna’s inner city district for my master’s thesis. The goal was to assess the potential accuracy that could be reached for mobile positioning […]

Quick update to my earlier post on the Sim-City-like 3D pixel art map of Hong Kong. Turns out there’s more of them, and that they’ve been around for quite a while already: The Map Room has this post on a Shanghai equivalent. Other Chinese cities seem to be available as well (see here), but I […]

Absolutely awesome: A zoomable, draggable Web map of Hong Kong in Sim-City-like 3D pixel art style! The level of detail and accuracy is amazing: The hotel I stayed at the last time, the Polytechnical University where LBS 2007 took place – all there, correctly shaped and textured! (I’m still looking for that Vodka bar in […]