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People keep asking me lately: “Rainer! This new Google Latitude Badge. Don’t you think that’s a tiny little bit of a blogloc killer?” And I can’t help but notice this light mischievous undertone in their voices sometimes. So, just for the fun of it, I put on this depressed face, mumble something about “always knew […]

Small, but relevant news this morning (and I’m not talking about that second Asus Eee PC I’ve seen in the wild on the Subway today – but that’s pretty cool too): Read on my feeds that Google has released the Static Maps API last week. It’s a very simple API that delivers a statically rendered […]

Just in time for the Congress formerly known as 3GSM: Personal navigation products manufacturer Garmin has announced in a press release this week the nüvifone – a GPS-enabled 3.5G smartphone. Release 3rd quarter 2008. Maps and POI data preloaded for North America, Eastern and Western Europe (I always considered Austria Central Europe – hey!); spoken […]

…when there’s the whole universe to… index? I just love these kinds of endeavours: inspiring, visionary, and – once more – appealing to the geek in me: the Google Lunar X Prize. $20 million for the team that can land a craft on the Moon that roams for at least 500 meters and transmits a […]

DIY Street View


When I recently scouted for suitable test locations for our compass/tilt-enabled mobile app prototype, I thought it would be nice to have some sort of Google Street View-like panoramas of our potential test areas – so I could better discuss them with colleagues and roughly estimate some basic geometry paramters for each location (like e.g. […]

Another great mini-game for Google Earth! Developed by Google Earth Hacks: Google Earth Football. The game is played inside a virtual KML stadium and it makes cool use of network links and a radioFolder menu to control the game moves. (There’s also a quick run-down of how the the game works internally for the nosy […]

Already some days old but still worth reading: The Google Phone: Fact, Fiction and a Huge Link List. DailyWireless connects the dots on Google Phone rumours.