I’m a Geoweb/Web mapping/location based services enthusiast & professional geek, former ex-researcher returned to the wild, and software developer, located in Vienna, Austria. Visit my official homepage to read all the details.

To round things out I also got meself a PhD in computer science with a thesis entitled Mobilizing the Geospatial Web: A Framework and Conceptual Model for Spatially Aware Mobile Web Applications. The thesis investigates how the boost of innovation that recent Web mapping and mashup technologies have brought to the World Wide Web can be transferred to the mobile domain. It’s available for download from the library of the Vienna University of Technology right here in case you’re into that sort of thing.

14 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi, I’m a keen follower of geo-location trends in the mobile sector (see my blog and my recent comments in the MobHappy Blog re:CES).

    I recently posted an article on Ipoki and would love to hear your view on their killer ap.


  2. Hi Ric,

    downloaded the J2ME client now and will give it a try. Follow me at http://www.ipoki.com/maps/rainer ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Hi, could it be that your FONfinder is down???

  4. Hi Steven,

    yes sorry. There wasn’t really any traffic on the FONFinder. I shut it down when I migrated my new project (http://blogloc.no5.at) from my old development server to a professional hosting location.

    I currently don’t have the time to re-active/further support the FONFinder. But in case you’re interested in building somthing similar – just contact me, I’m happy to donate the code.


  5. I am taking part in a charity jailbreak in October and would like to thank you for blogloc as it is helping us provide live tracking information on our site. Hopefully this will get us lots of exposure and some for you as well.

  6. 7 Javi A.

    Hi !
    I don’t know if this a good place for leaving my comment. I hope so.

    Ok, I’m using blogloc and I’m very very happy with this awesome simple widget.

    I got a suggestion for the programmer: I think lower map (Europe in my blog) is unuseful. I think it’d be better if I could show my position in my country in the lower map and with a little more detail in the upper one.

    Don’t you think is better and more useful ?


  7. 8 Jim

    Is BlogLoc down? I am not getting any of my maps.

  8. Looks like BlogLoc is down, has been for a few days. Any ideas when it will be back up?

  9. 10 Dan

    Blogloc’s still down, just wondering what the situation was? It’s a great site, hope it isn’t terminal!

  10. Hi all! Sorry for the inconvenience & the long wait. The problem should be fixed – at least for the moment. I’ll write a blog post shortly!

  11. 12 Javi A.

    Thank you for your efforts and for fixing the problem.
    In my opinion it would be awesome if you could program an app for iphone to use blogloc.

    Greetings from Spain !!

  12. Hi Simon,
    I’m using BlogLoc for my friends blog and it has been absolutely fantastic – just want they needed to share their journey with friends. It does seem to be loading quite slowly now (in WordPress). Not sure if this is because it also has to load up all the historical data (i.e. where they have been).
    Is there anyway to help it load quicker?
    Cheers again for a great product!

  13. Hi Simon,
    Nearly a year later, my friends are still cycling around the World and Blogloc has been working like a treat. I’ve just heard, however that their SPOT GPS device will no longer work with Fire eagle in the next few weeks. Do you know of any alternative way of displaying their location in their WordPress blog without Fire Eagle? Still keen to use Blogloc if possible!

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