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Check out C. Enrique Ortiz’ post on mobile widgets and the ‘next battlefront for mobile applications’ – the idle screen! I couldn’t agree more on this recently favourite topic of mine (just in case you haven’t noticed yet 😉 ) Featured on this week’s Carnival of the Mobilists.

Talking about Widgets as the next big thing on the mobile platform: As has just been announced by Mobease CTO Thomas Landspurg over at TomSoft, Mobease has been acquired by AJAX start page Webwag. Damn, their widget product mobidgets isn’t even out of private alpha yet! Wow. That’s fast 🙂 Congratulations.

Two days ago, mobile location services publisher uLocate launched WHERE, a GPS-enabled mobile widget platform. For now the product is apparently only available to Sprint customers. Maybe I’m too much of a geek to have a representative opinion on this – but I generally believe that widgets will be one of the next big things […]