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My new spare-time project blogloc is not even out of closed beta yet, and already people are finding alternative ways to use it! Lacking a decent mobile phone with a GPS (c’mon, it doesn’t even have 3G, jeez) Katz has elected to use blogloc as her personal “I would rather be here” sidebar widget, and […]

Just a quick “news plus links to remember” post: Both Google and Yahoo! are opening up there geographical indexes – Yahoo! with the Yahoo! Internet Location Platform and Google with a soon-to-be-released GeoSearch API. [Via The Map Room and Google Earth Blog] And one more: Though there have been a few Flash-powered Google Maps apps […]

Quick update to my earlier post on the Sim-City-like 3D pixel art map of Hong Kong. Turns out there’s more of them, and that they’ve been around for quite a while already: The Map Room has this post on a Shanghai equivalent. Other Chinese cities seem to be available as well (see here), but I […]

Absolutely awesome: A zoomable, draggable Web map of Hong Kong in Sim-City-like 3D pixel art style! The level of detail and accuracy is amazing: The hotel I stayed at the last time, the Polytechnical University where LBS 2007 took place – all there, correctly shaped and textured! (I’m still looking for that Vodka bar in […]