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Quick note: Found via the locweb mailing list – the W3C just announced a new Geolocation Working Group as part of their Ubiquitous Web Applications Activity! Official announcement is here.

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Wow. When I read my newsfeeds on the subway home today I was MORE than surprised to find my name on the W3C Planet Mobile Web feed. Ric Ferraro blogs about Point to Discover, one of my former research projects! Can it be true that I’m – slowly but surely – achieving some real-world geek […]

Great article on the W3C‘s Mobile Web Initiative Team Blog ‘MWI: Leading Mobile Web Access to Its Full Potential‘. W3C Deputy Director Philipp Hoschka compiles major facts and figures on the current state of the mobile Web. Some snippets: About 1.7 billion mobile phones (out of the approx. total of 2.7 billion) have browsing capability […]

Today is my last day at the WWW2007 conference. I’ll definitely need a few days to go over my numerous notes and digest all the impressions from this excellent event in beautiful Banff, Canada. My talk yesterday, in which I presented some of our stuff from the Point to Discover project, was received well by […]