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Let’s face it. The times when it was enough to put a map with your live GPS location on your blog to prove that you are a gadget-mad geek are gone. Today there’s the iPhone. There’s the SPOT satellite messenger. There’s Google Latitude. There’s Friends on Fire on Facebook. Sad but true. Location sharing is […]

Man, there’s been utter madness going on here at the geekvault. It used to be such a quiet and cosy place. And then everything just happened all at once: The blogloc server down for days. Fire Eagle out of closed beta. Google releasing the Gears Location API. Needless to say that this forced us to […]

My evenings have been rather busy lately. I tried to dedicate at least a little bit of time every day to my personal, open-for-all GPS-selftracking widget solution blogloc. Much of the work that went into it was rather "internal" – things like caching, rudimentary statistics and performance indicators to help me tune the service over […]



…almost another one of my ‘search terms watch‘ posts. A new search engine that features me on the first page twice when you search for ‘mobile trends‘ has got to be good. Or buggy. Either way, I’ll enjoy this as long as it lasts (which is probably not long :-D) By the way: who’s that […]

After my previous post on OpenCellID I dug up some old work of mine which I did back in 2002: I collected GSM signal power measurements (cell ID and RXLEV values) across Vienna’s inner city district for my master’s thesis. The goal was to assess the potential accuracy that could be reached for mobile positioning […]