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It’s done. This week I handed in the first (yet unofficial, but complete) version of my thesis entitled “Mobilizing the Geospatial Web: A Framework for Spatially Aware Mobile Web Applications”, in which I take a somewhat different (geeky, but different) perspective on the future of LBS, neogeo and everything. Ten Chapters with lots of pictures […]

Still not much time for blogging activity lately. My thesis is starting to look real decent though, finally – and this despite the fact that I decided against my initial plan to fit the words “heavy shit” into it (true Google Earth fans will know why) in a feeble attempt to compensate lack of scientific […]

Reporting Back


Feels like ages since I wrote my last blog post… The times were quite busy lately as I have FINALLY started to dedicate all my efforts into finishing my thesis. Basically, the thesis takes all the work I’ve done over the last four years, putting it into a more general perspective and deriving a set […]