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Geek Cred


Wow. When I read my newsfeeds on the subway home today I was MORE than surprised to find my name on the W3C Planet Mobile Web feed. Ric Ferraro blogs about Point to Discover, one of my former research projects! Can it be true that I’m – slowly but surely – achieving some real-world geek […]

It’s done. This week I handed in the first (yet unofficial, but complete) version of my thesis entitled “Mobilizing the Geospatial Web: A Framework for Spatially Aware Mobile Web Applications”, in which I take a somewhat different (geeky, but different) perspective on the future of LBS, neogeo and everything. Ten Chapters with lots of pictures […]



And one more thing: the program for the LBS2007 Symposium is out. A close look on the schedule for Thursday afternoon will reveal… my name! Yep, I’ll present final test results from the P2D project. I’m really looking forward to this event for more than one reason: first, I presented at the previous LBS and […]

Hi. Me again. No I’m not dead. Just still mostly too busy for blogging *weep* Anyways: from what I could recently see in the visitor stats of my former project’s Website, we are – strangely – getting some spanish (!) online news/blog attention lately: Check out this, this , this, or this post here. Unfortunately […]

Reporting Back


Feels like ages since I wrote my last blog post… The times were quite busy lately as I have FINALLY started to dedicate all my efforts into finishing my thesis. Basically, the thesis takes all the work I’ve done over the last four years, putting it into a more general perspective and deriving a set […]

DIY Street View


When I recently scouted for suitable test locations for our compass/tilt-enabled mobile app prototype, I thought it would be nice to have some sort of Google Street View-like panoramas of our potential test areas – so I could better discuss them with colleagues and roughly estimate some basic geometry paramters for each location (like e.g. […]



Just stumbled across this project: Mobzombies – a terrifyingly mobile game. The project uses accelerometer and compass hardware to control an arcade-style game on a Sony UMPC. It will be featured on Where Fair of this year’s Where 2.0 conference. Another fun – geekish, but fun – example of blurring the boundary between virtual and […]