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As I found out today, inCode announced mobile social networking the number one prediction for the global wireless market this year: Social Networking Gets Mobilized. Mobility is added to existing Internet business models, services and behaviors, driving traffic for wireless operators. Teens and twenties accustomed to constant connectivity and habit-forming Web sites, such as MySpace […]

There’s an article on TechCrunch two days ago about Google’s acquisition of in-game advertising company Adscape Media, who specialize in delivering live advertisment in 3D video games. The interesting part is the last sentence… This is an interesting development considering Google’s acquisition of Sketchup and suspected virtual world in the works. Looks as if Google […]

I was sort of puzzled about how those Bluetooth/IrDA T-Mobile advertisment posters work that we are currently seeing here in Vienna… Basically, you walk up to the poster, hold your mobile in front of a blinking sensor and, after confirming a small pop-up dialog, you receive an SMS with a download link towards ‘free’ content. […]