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Wow. This should seriously get me Paul’s and Katja’s undivided attention 😀 According to this article in Austrian newspaper Der Standard, T-Mobile has announced in a recent press conference that Austria will be among the first countries to get the 3G iPhone (iPhones, in fact). [Found via Gadget Lab]. In the mean time: here’s […]

Still not much time for blogging activity lately. My thesis is starting to look real decent though, finally – and this despite the fact that I decided against my initial plan to fit the words “heavy shit” into it (true Google Earth fans will know why) in a feeble attempt to compensate lack of scientific […]

My thesis is keeping me away from blogging – and even reading blogs – and will most likely continue to do so until January (after which my new job will most likely keep me from blogging…), but this just has to be posted: Clever guys from Medallia figured out the access to the iPhone’s accelerometer […]

What? I know this photo is dorkish! Hey, it’s not even mine. Paul shelled out those 600 Euros and got himself this baby from eBay. And until someone cracks the SIMlock, it can’t even do voice calls over here in ol’ Europe! You have to love it 😀  

…since everything you need to know about it has been said already by fake Steve himself 😀