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Now that the Mobile World Congress is over, there’s lots of talk that 2008 will be the year of location based services (see here, here or here). I googled a little bit on that – and what did I have to see? I learned that 2007 could turn out to be the year of LBS. […]

Found via V1 Magazine: mobile search startup GeoVector was nominated for the Ground Breaker Award by the Service Providers Forum of the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley. I’ve been following the company since some two years now. The thinking behind their product is pretty much along the same lines as the stuff I used to […]

Just in time for the Congress formerly known as 3GSM: Personal navigation products manufacturer Garmin has announced in a press release this week the nüvifone – a GPS-enabled 3.5G smartphone. Release 3rd quarter 2008. Maps and POI data preloaded for North America, Eastern and Western Europe (I always considered Austria Central Europe – hey!); spoken […]

Thanks to Paul for pointing out the new GPS-less My Location feature in Google Maps for Mobile (yet another milestone in the history of human technological evolution I would have missed due to my almost total absence from the blogosphere lately). The geek in me secretly hopes that if applications like GMM become more and […]

Found at the Mobile Technology Weblog: Blue Sky Positioning from the UK is integrating an A-GPS receiver into a mobile phone SIM card! There’s no information if the chip also functions in pure GPS mode, i.e. without the ‘A’. AFAIK carriers in Austria do not support A-GPS in their networks – at least not anymore. […]

I’ll be speaking at the WWW2007 conference in Banff, Canada next week, presenting some of our work from the Point to Discover project. It’s in the Pervasive Web and Mobility session on Thursday. So check by and say hi if you happen to be there!

The Shroud is a multiplayer role playing game for mobile phones currently nearing completion. The game will come with a special ‘GPS challenge’ game mode that incorporates users’ real-world location into the gameplay: ‘Challenges’ placed at random GPS locations nearby must be found and completed by physically moving there. YourWorld games, creator of the game, […]