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The idea of using Google Earth as a platform for games is one that I’ve been fascinated with for a long time. Think Google Earth-equivalents to those browser-based, Flash-powered time-killers you might play during your lunchbreak! Think massive multiplayer! Think merging digital globes with online virtual worlds! (See some previous posts about it here, here, […]

After my previous post on OpenCellID I dug up some old work of mine which I did back in 2002: I collected GSM signal power measurements (cell ID and RXLEV values) across Vienna’s inner city district for my master’s thesis. The goal was to assess the potential accuracy that could be reached for mobile positioning […]

Great article on the convergence between second-life-like metaverses and their ‘real-world’ virtual globe counterparts! My favourite quote being: And many computer professionals think the idea of a "Second Earth" mashup is so cool that it’s inevitable, whether or or not it will offer any immediate way to make money. Hey – that pretty much sums […]

Another great mini-game for Google Earth! Developed by Google Earth Hacks: Google Earth Football. The game is played inside a virtual KML stadium and it makes cool use of network links and a radioFolder menu to control the game moves. (There’s also a quick run-down of how the the game works internally for the nosy […]

It’s one of those ideas that appeal to the geek in me. Found at Ogle Earth: While everyone is speculating about Google’s possible plans to turn Google Earth into a metaverse like Second Life, a clever Second Life/Google Earth mashup instead goes the other way round – and adds virtual globe browsing to Second Life! […]