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Already some days old but still worth reading: The Google Phone: Fact, Fiction and a Huge Link List. DailyWireless connects the dots on Google Phone rumours.



And one more short news post. Right now I’m as excited as the rest of the world about Microsoft’s recent announcement: Has MS indeed “rebooted the Web” (according to Robert Scoble) with their Silverlight platform that packs (lightning-fast, apparently) .NET functionality into a 4MB cross-browser-compatible plugin? Did they just end the Flash/Flex vs. Ajax debate […]

Found at the Mobile Technology Weblog: Blue Sky Positioning from the UK is integrating an A-GPS receiver into a mobile phone SIM card! There’s no information if the chip also functions in pure GPS mode, i.e. without the ‘A’. AFAIK carriers in Austria do not support A-GPS in their networks – at least not anymore. […]

As I found out today, inCode announced mobile social networking the number one prediction for the global wireless market this year: Social Networking Gets Mobilized. Mobility is added to existing Internet business models, services and behaviors, driving traffic for wireless operators. Teens and twenties accustomed to constant connectivity and habit-forming Web sites, such as MySpace […]