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Next on my list of adventurous blogloc users: Meet Simon Evans and Fearghal O’Nuallain from Wicklow, Ireland, who set out last November to a 30.000 km trip that will lead them all the way around the globe – on their bicycles! Not only is their (unsupported!) expedition the first Irish circumnavigation of the globe by […]

People keep asking me lately: “Rainer! This new Google Latitude Badge. Don’t you think that’s a tiny little bit of a blogloc killer?” And I can’t help but notice this light mischievous undertone in their voices sometimes. So, just for the fun of it, I put on this depressed face, mumble something about “always knew […]

In my last post I announced that I would present some of the cool stories I learned about through blogloc. So without much further ado: let me introduce you to my first featured user: the KRBO racing team! Starting May 2nd, the team will participate in the Allgäu Orient Rallye – a car race from […]

It’s almost a year since I started blogloc. And since that’s about a decade in Internet-time, I think it’s ok to look back a little and draw balance. What did I learn from blogloc this past year? First of all: Activity Messages. Those little twitter-like text captions you can add to your map badge. Believe […]

Hey! blogloc got a small cameo appearance at the Google UK headquarters on November 27! Check out the slide deck that Gary Gale (of Yahoo! Geo Technologies) presented at the first meetup of the London Geo/Mobile Developers Meetup group (and look closely 😉 ). Thanks to Gary for letting me know – and for spreading […]

Some of you participating in the blogloc history beta test may have noticed already: GeoRSS support is active! That means: if you have location history recording enabled on your blogloc account, you can now share your location conveniently via an RSS feed, located at If you look at somebody’s blogloc feed in the reader […]

And the news just keep coming today: History is Beta! Yes – we’re experimenting with blogloc’s new and long-announced location history feature. Want to record, store and share the route of your next journey around the world? Add a little bit of location to your lifestream? That’s what blogloc history is all about! For now […]