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I meant to post about this for ages, but somehow I could’t really find the time for doing it. At work, AJAX may not be my top priority at the moment, but I keep monitoring it as closely as I can. (Speaking of mobile AJAX: Yes, I’m one of those people who do believe that […]



And one more short news post. Right now I’m as excited as the rest of the world about Microsoft’s recent announcement: Has MS indeed “rebooted the Web” (according to Robert Scoble) with their Silverlight platform that packs (lightning-fast, apparently) .NET functionality into a 4MB cross-browser-compatible plugin? Did they just end the Flash/Flex vs. Ajax debate […]

Stumbled across this new social mapping app via digg: Tupalo is a social mapping application “for the indie culture” (I wonder if that includes me 😉 ). Users pin their favourite places on a Google Map; profile pages, tagging, reviews and voting included. The service currently covers several cities in Europe and the US, including […]

Talking about Widgets as the next big thing on the mobile platform: As has just been announced by Mobease CTO Thomas Landspurg over at TomSoft, Mobease has been acquired by AJAX start page Webwag. Damn, their widget product mobidgets isn’t even out of private alpha yet! Wow. That’s fast 🙂 Congratulations.

When I recently searched for different combinations and permutations of the words ‘ajax’, ‘framework’, ‘library’, ‘comparison’, ‘matrix’, etc. Google didn’t really return anything that made me particularly happy. For that reason (and because I need a place to store my personal notes): here comes my own incomplete list of AJAX frameworks! This post is going […]