Featured User #2: Revolution Cycle


Next on my list of adventurous blogloc users: Meet Simon Evans and Fearghal O’Nuallain from Wicklow, Ireland, who set out last November to a 30.000 km trip that will lead them all the way around the globe – on their bicycles!

Not only is their (unsupported!) expedition the first Irish circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle. It’s also a journey with a purpose: to promote the positive contribution that cycling can make to the world. It’s environmentally friendly, and it’s an effective way of incorporating regular exercise into a daily routine. And that’s also key to people’s well-being – both physically and mentally. Which is why Simon and Fearghal will be supporting Aware with their tour, an Irish organization that provides support for those suffering from depression.

Along the way, they’ll keep the rest of the globe up to date on their progress with blog posts, photos, tweets and – last but not least – live location updates sent via a Spot and Fire Eagle – and displayed with blogloc. You can get up-to-the-minute news on their progress on their site revolutioncycle.ie

4 Responses to “Featured User #2: Revolution Cycle”

  1. I’m also on a bike trip and have been using blogloc to keep friends up to date with my travels. but the site seems to be down for the past few days. any idea when it might be back up?

  2. Same for me!
    Austrian cyclist, 23500 km down the road from Alaska and the only thing that doesn’t work fine right now is blogloc.
    Very nice service otherwise – hope it’s soon online again!
    Grüße aus Kolumbien,

  3. 3 Shepster

    Brilliant little application. My friends are cycling around the World and this is an invaluable tool. I created their blog in WordPress and its been working perfectly (apart from the recent down time, which looks like its been fixed). My only problem is the fact that we have to have so many accounts set up (Spot GPS, Yahoo, Fireagle and Blogloc – a lot to remember.

    Please feel free to do a feature on Rog and Dee…! and thanks again for a great app.

  4. 4 Matt

    Seems like Blogloc is no longer supported? Is there a ‘forgotten password’ feature? My password saved in my browser from when I was updating during my bike ride a couple years ago no longer works, and the map has reset itself to 0N/S 0E/W. I loved using it while it lasted!

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