Why the blogloc Badge is Good for You


People keep asking me lately: “Rainer! This new Google Latitude Badge. Don’t you think that’s a tiny little bit of a blogloc killer?” And I can’t help but notice this light mischievous undertone in their voices sometimes. So, just for the fun of it, I put on this depressed face, mumble something about “always knew this day would come” and pretend I’d break out in tears any moment. When all of a sudden – BAM – with ice cold precision, I confront them with the facts.

“Au contraire!” Because fact is: why would any sane person out there opt for Latitude when there’s so many reasons to use blogloc? Like, for example, because you have your blog hosted on wordpress.com instead of Blogger? Or because you prefer MySpace over Orkut? Or because you want a whole host of options to update your location and not just a handful of Google tools? Or because you’re going on a trip and want to share the full track instead of just the last location? Or because you don’t want to give all your location info away to a big, impersonal corporation? Oh – and did I mention that over here on blogloc, the users are just so much cooler than anywhere else, too?

Update: OR… Because Latitude is simply not available in your country! (Thanks to hotigris for pointing that out! 🙂 )

See? So many reasons.

9 Responses to “Why the blogloc Badge is Good for You”

  1. 1 hotigris

    Or Latitude is simply not available in your country…

  2. 2 victor

    More probably your language, not your country. Append ?hl=en to the end of the URL and you’ll suddenly have Latitude

  3. 3 Jim

    How cool would it be to use the Google Latitude Blackberry app to update your Blogloc?

    The Latitude app is the only one on my Blackberry that consistently shows me in the correct place.

  4. “Or because you’re going on a trip and want to share the full track instead of just the last location?”


    How can you do that with Blogloc?

  5. 5 Rainer

    Just go to “Personal Settings” and enable “Track History Recording”.


  6. Hello,

    I really love blogloc and it seems to do everything I want.
    I have tested the tracking feature which worked like a charm.
    After I was done testing I deleted the location history (disable/enable tracking) and tried tracking again with an empty history.
    When I embed the tracking code in wordpress it only gives me a one marker and no tracking lines.

    Do you know what the problem is?



  7. works now!
    needed some resetting?

    now i have to face the next problem and that is:

    iframe in wordpress works perfectly with FF on a mac, but not on Chrome on a mac and it doesn’t work on ie6 on a PC.

    ANy ideas?



  8. fixed it! my page visibility was set on private in wordpress and for some strange reason FF on mac shows the map and the others don’t..



  9. Hi guys… Please please please help me!

    I need by static map to display 400×400 pixel and at zoom level 15 or 16…
    The site I want to embed the map into does not allow the use of

    If I can get this to work life will be so much easier! Alternative is installing GPSgate on my own server and then running weird client software… No…


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