blogloc Featured User: Team KRBO


In my last post I announced that I would present some of the cool stories I learned about through blogloc. So without much further ado: let me introduce you to my first featured user: the KRBO racing team!


Starting May 2nd, the team will participate in the Allgäu Orient Rallye – a car race from Southern Germany to Amman, Jordan with a few… special rules:

  • Only cars aged at least 20 years, and with a value of definitely no more than 2000 Euro allowed
  • Everyone’s free to choose their own route – but strictly no motorways (that’s “freeways” – for you Americans out there)
  • Multiple vehicles per team are allowed (up to three cars or various combinations of cars and motorcycles). Not all of those need to arrive in Amman, but all team members must arrive in/on at least one vehicle
  • For overnight stays, each team member is allowed to spend a maximum of 10 Euro per night (tents allowed)
  • There will be special challenges in each country along the route (I wonder what that will be…)

I guess most of that probably bars people like Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. from taking part in a Ferrari 308 GTS. But then, the Allgäu-Orient Ralley is not about money, anyway: It’s about fun, a little bit of “calculable adventure”, and about supporting a good cause – in this case the United Nations World Food Programme. (Even the cars will get donated after the race is over.)

Oh and by the way – in case you were wondering what “KRBO” stands for: It’s short (and German) for “Kette Rechts und Bremse Offen”. Please don’t ask me to translate that. (I’m not sure it can be translated – Christian, correct me if I’m wrong 😉 ) But let me just say… it expresses a certain affection for high velocities.

Anyways: The Allgäu-Orient Ralley starts this Saturday, May 2nd and will take 10 days. You can follow team KRBO’s progress on a blogloc track map, which they will update from a SPOT Satellite Messenger through Fire Eagle. Be sure to head there soon, check it out regularly and… keep your fingers crossed for team KRBO!!

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