Oh No. A Sentimental blogloc Post.


1 yr agoIt’s almost a year since I started blogloc. And since that’s about a decade in Internet-time, I think it’s ok to look back a little and draw balance. What did I learn from blogloc this past year?

First of all: Activity Messages. Those little twitter-like text captions you can add to your map badge. Believe it or not: An astounding 17% of messages in the system are “working” or “at work”. To all of you out there who write such messages: Stop doing it. It’s depressing. There’s a world full of adventure waiting to be discovered and what are you doing? Get out there. GET A LIFE.

No seriously. Working on blogloc has been a great experience for me. There has been some real enthusiasm, positive feedback and active communication with users from all over the world. And if there’s one thing I really learned from it, then it’s what location sharing on the Web is really about: it’s about stories.

True, when people put stuff on the Web nowadays, it mostly a lifestream/twitter-kindof thing: A little status message here, an uploaded photo there. It seems to be no different with location sharing – and to be fair, that’s just how I use blogloc as well. But the really exciting stuff starts when people have a story to tell. And as with any good story, there’s usually a journey involved.

I learned about some exciting and funny stories during this past year. I got in touch with interesting people. Today I want to thank all of you who make blogloc such an enjoyable experience for me – by letting it play a tiny part when you tell your stories!

And to share a little bit of this great experience, I’m happy to announce that over the next weeks, I’ll have the honor to present some of those stories right here on my blog! Starting off with a first post later this week: meet the prospective future winning team of the Allgäu-Orient Ralley – a low budget car race from Southern Germany to Amman, Jordan. Sounds risky? Well not risky enough for those people, obviously. Because they’ll also be tracking their progress with a very little tested pre-pre-beta version of the blogloc trackmap-badge! Yep. Totally Mad.

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