Mobile Monday Austria


Just a short note: the first Austrian version of Mobile Monday will happen next week! See the announcement here. From the original intro text:

We will present the mobile landscape of Austria and have key players of the industry up on the stage talking about their business. We will announce the list of speakers shortly.

However, you get a informative view on the Austrian market and will have the chance to meet people who shape this industry. You will enjoy a healthy dose of networking and meet-up.

I love the way they sneaked the word ‘however’ in between ‘have key players […] talking about their business’ and ‘you get a(n) informative view’. Brilliant. Otherwise though it’s set to be an interesting and well-attended networking event (the list of participants is up on Xing).

Update: some post-event material (video and a nice overview of who’s making up the “mobile landscape” of Austria) can be found here (thanks to Erich Holzbauer of

One Response to “Mobile Monday Austria”

  1. Great to see MobileMonday growing and the new Austria chapter — congratulations to all!

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