blogloc: Help Us Test Location History!


And the news just keep coming today: History is Beta! Yes – we’re experimenting with blogloc’s new and long-announced location history feature. Want to record, store and share the route of your next journey around the world? Add a little bit of location to your lifestream? That’s what blogloc history is all about!

For now we keeping this in a closed beta test phase. During the test phase, location history will not be visible on the map badge yet. But you’ll be able to get your history track in KML format and as GeoRSS feed.

Drop me a note if you want to join. By the way: In particular I’m looking for testers who use blogloc with Fire Eagle (and who do not directly update their location via blogloc) – but everyone’s welcome of course 😉

4 Responses to “blogloc: Help Us Test Location History!”

  1. I can’t think of anything with a worse pro-to-con ratio than actively working on Location History logging. Few other technologies have the potential to destroy freedom, which can never come with privacy.

  2. Er, without privacy. That’ll teach me to leave comments on blogs at 2:45am :).

  3. Hi Shamus!

    Few other technologies have the potential to destroy freedom, which can never come with[out] privacy.

    You certainly can’t read that out from just the single blog post above, but: I totally agree with you!

    Obviously, blogloc is a service for people who WANT to share their location with the public. So not doubt there is a certain exhibitionism/privacy tradeoff that people will have to decide on for themselves…

    But: if you sign up, if you check the FAQ, if you take a look at the options you have in blogloc application settings – you will see that privacy is an issue that is neither ignored nor concealed. On the contrary: It’s imploringly stressed!

    In fact, one of the reasons I started building blogloc was exactly BECAUSE I was unhappy with the privacy-ignorant way that tracking services out there work. And I was looking for something that would allow me to share my location in a safer way: one that would only show a rough picture. Non-zoomable, with no way to figure out exact coordinates from the source code (as you would have with a Google Map).

    Today, the feature set has grown. Many people have demanded zoomable maps as well as history tracking. I still encourage the use of the safe, static map. But I have also taken the choice to support those potentially unsafe features. However, blogloc has a clear strategy on this one: First, whatever ‘unsafe’ features you may use – you can always switch them on and off at will. Individually. Anytime. And the safe mode will always be the default setting. (That’s e.g. for the Google Map, and history recording in general.) Second, feeds and KML will be password protectable (once out of closed beta). Again – this will be the default setting. Finally, blogloc is not a tracking service. You can and will always be able to lie about your location if that’s what you want. That applies to your current location. And will also apply to your history (i.e. you will have full editing functionality – add/remove/move locations afterwards.)

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