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Some of you participating in the blogloc history beta test may have noticed already: GeoRSS support is active! That means: if you have location history recording enabled on your blogloc account, you can now share your location conveniently via an RSS feed, located at If you look at somebody’s blogloc feed in the reader […]

And the news just keep coming today: History is Beta! Yes – we’re experimenting with blogloc’s new and long-announced location history feature. Want to record, store and share the route of your next journey around the world? Add a little bit of location to your lifestream? That’s what blogloc history is all about! For now […]

Dear blogloc users! There’s a few new features available for you to try: Personalize Your Google Map! Since this was the most frequent feature request I got: It’s now possible to change the default map type and zoom level for the interactive Google Map badge. All you need to do is tweak your embed code […]

Still no press release out yet, but by now it seems to be official! Update: official results are here. Point to Discover has scored FIRST PLACE at the 2ND INTERNATIONAL NOKIA UBIMEDIA MINDTREK AWARD!!! Congratulations to anyone on the team. And since I’m also on the team: a big thank you to all my team […]

Award ceremony is over for the 2nd International Nokia UbiMedia MindTrek Award at the MindTrek 2008 Conference up in Tampere, Finland. There is no official press release out yet. I’m waiting for that. But let me just say… it seems my former research project Point to Discover did rather well 🙂 Update: see here.