blogloc Feature Alert: Google Gears Support!


Already mentioned two posts ago: Mat has extended the blogloc mobile site! If you visit the update page with a device that has the Google Gears plugin installed, you’ll notice something new below the “Where are you now?” input field: a nifty little tickbox with a label that says “Locate Me!”.

And – guess what – if you tick that box, your current location will automagically pop up in the “Where are you now?” field! (See this post on the Google Mobile Blog to find out how this works.)


I have to say Mat was really fast with this: He had a first version online on August 27 – which is a cool 5 days after the original Google Mobile Blog post. Not bad, Mat! (But hey, just a few lines of JavaScript, right 😉 ) He also left me a few screenshots on how Gears updating looks like on his PDA – see above.

One Response to “blogloc Feature Alert: Google Gears Support!”

  1. 1 mat

    Drop that ‘hey, just a few…’ line immediately! Sigh, JavaScript is the most underrated language ever 😉 Have fun with this useful feature!

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