blogloc Fire Eagle Sidebar Widget and Google Gears Support Coming!


Man, there’s been utter madness going on here at the geekvault. It used to be such a quiet and cosy place. And then everything just happened all at once: The blogloc server down for days. Fire Eagle out of closed beta. Google releasing the Gears Location API.

Needless to say that this forced us to act. But if there’s one thing on earth we really love down here, it’s a good challenge. And here’s what’s been going on so far:

  • First: blogloc has moved. This time I’m actually paying for hosting. Reliable server, a support team, it’s all there. No more day-long downtimes. (I also wrote about it in my last post.)
  • Fire Eagle support. That’s right. All the nuts and bolts needed to connect blogloc to Fire Eagle have been finished. Right now I’m using this myself (see my sidebar), and I’ll keep this feature in test/observation mode for about a week or so before I fully open it up for everyone. But: if you want to help me beta test this and use blogloc as your Fire Eagle blog sidebar widget right now, contact me and I’ll show you the secret handshake you need to get into our tight-knit blogloc Fire Eagle community. As always, I’d appreciate your help!
  • Yes, you’ve read correctly. It’s "we" from now on. blogloc is no longer a one-man show. I’m proud to announce that the ‘vault has grown by two new members. Say hello to Mat and Katz. Mat is currently tackling the ‘Gears situation’ that arose last Friday (unless he’s busy inventing new transitions for the animated map badge he wants to have, that is), while Katz has taken the burden of designing the UI for the history/timeline feature that we will hopefully add to blogloc in the not to distant future.

Interesting times ahead! If you haven’t already checked out blogloc, be sure to do it right now 🙂

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