blogloc: We’re Back Now. Honestly.


I should have known better than to write this whole "challenging fate" thing in my last post. Because the thing with fate is: it just seems to have this tendency to strike back on you on such occasions. And strike back it did.

The power problems I had several weeks ago at my hosting location seemed to be under control. But right at the weekend I started my holiday – they returned. Bigger and badder than ever. Point is, the people who housed my machine run a very well managed network. And inhabit a building with power cabling that’s apparently half a century old…

To cut a long story short: blogloc has been down every weekend of my holiday, all weekend. And – for the first time – even during the week for two days. This whole situation has been as… hm… inconvenient… for me as it has been for my users, believe me.

The good news is that I have now abandoned my initial plan of running blogloc at 0.0 investment cost. As of Tuesday morning, blogloc has been moved to it’s new home: it’s own little virtualized niche in some 19-inch-rack in the basement of some commercial data center. And so far the service has not only been operating faster than ever before, but also without the slightest downtime. In other words: we’re back now. Honestly 😉

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