Meanwhile, at the Geekvault


My evenings have been rather busy lately. I tried to dedicate at least a little bit of time every day to my personal, open-for-all GPS-selftracking widget solution blogloc. Much of the work that went into it was rather "internal" – things like caching, rudimentary statistics and performance indicators to help me tune the service over time and (let’s not forget) bugfixing.

Unfortunately that also means that I have not come quite as far with all those planned features as I would have hoped for: There’s still no Fire Eagle or twitter integration, no location tagging (aka location bookmarking), no timeline/history functionality.

But at least I managed to get one new feature up and running which I desparately wanted to have for myself before going on holiday: Activity Messages!

You can now add a short line of text to your map badge to describe what you are doing. The feature is still in sort-of-stealth-mode: I didn’t have the time yet to include it on the blogloc Website or upgrade the bloglocator. So far, the only place you can add activity messages is the blogloc mobile site. But that’s going to change as soon as I return from my vacation. (BTW: Nothing is keeping you from going to the mobile site with your desktop browser. There’s no device recognition + redirection. The site will work just fine. Only looks a bit strange at 1024×768+ screen resolutions.)

Anyways, I hope you find this feature useful and/or fun – I’ll definitely be making heavy use of it from now on!

That’s it. I’m signing off for holiday – and challenging fate by leaving the blogloc server unattended for two weeks 🙂

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