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My evenings have been rather busy lately. I tried to dedicate at least a little bit of time every day to my personal, open-for-all GPS-selftracking widget solution blogloc. Much of the work that went into it was rather "internal" – things like caching, rudimentary statistics and performance indicators to help me tune the service over […]



…almost another one of my ‘search terms watch‘ posts. A new search engine that features me on the first page twice when you search for ‘mobile trends‘ has got to be good. Or buggy. Either way, I’ll enjoy this as long as it lasts (which is probably not long :-D) By the way: who’s that […]

I don’t normally write blog posts about blog posts (anymore). Usually just link to them in my carefully handpicked stuff feed which you can find at the bottom of my blog’s sidebar. But this post on Ogle Earth I just have to give an extra mention: Many of you might remember this cameo appearance of […]

Dear all. I am happy to announce that blogloc – my precious little spartime project for the last weeks – has officially opened its gates to the public yesterday night. That’s right. blogloc is now open for everyone to sign up and use! All the basic features I planned for the first realease are there […]