Search Terms… Again


As I said, I enjoy taking a closer look at the search terms stats here at the no.5 blog every now and then. Without further ado: here’s another round of my recent favourites!

  • lbs on the mobile without gps. Seems I get more of these and similar queries lately.
  • symbian neighbouring cell ids. Yep. Another one.
  • mobile javascript framework. Also a type of query that seems to appear more frequently lately.
  • build a twitter interface. More geek-experimentation…
  • twitter hardware. …and visionary geek-thinking…
  • spacenavigator with picasa. …behind these queries?
  • is mojax proprietary? Well… I guess there’s different opinions about that 😀
  • blog lan kwai fong meeting. I can only speculate about the objectives of this meeting…
  • rise of mobile devices. I don’t know about you – but this scares me. (And this article doesn’t make me feel better, either…)
  • lbs hype. Right. I just googled that as well. And guess what? GigaOM is still ahead of me. But at least I’m on the first page, too 😉

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