blogloc Downtime


Sorry to my small but friendly blogloc ‘closed beta’ testing community. As you may have noticed, blogloc has spontaneously decided to take the weekend off for some unscheduled downtime last Friday night. This has, in fact happend the second time already and was due to a power outage at my hosting location (I swear!)

As I understood, they currently got construction work going on, and chances are that service will go down again occasionally over the next few days. So I apologize in advance. (To be fair though, these are the only outages I’ve encountered in a long time, so it’s really a case of bad timing… And, I guess, it’s simply the price I have to pay for the price I’m paying them 😉 )

On the positive side: the incident lead me to devise a cunning plan to minimize the impact of future outages on the mission critical aspects of blogloc. (And, yes, it involves routing map requests and GPS updates to my home PC if all else fails.)

In order to prevent that your blogloc map badge temporarily vanishes from your site during a server failure, please make sure you point to the following new URL:

<img src=”; />

The old URL ( will continue to work, but will take longer to recover in case anything goes wrong at my hosting location. Apart from that, I’m working hard behind the scenes to get blogloc‘s feature set complete, so bear with me – and stay tuned!

5 Responses to “blogloc Downtime”

  1. great tool! I would love to include it in my website, as I am travelling all over the world. Good for my friends and colleagues to know where I am. Actually I am in Nepal (Kathmandu), but it doesn’t seem to work here. I can not update my location here. Also other locations in Nepal don’t seem to work. From India and China, no problem at all. Could you advise on how to solve this?



  2. Hi Peter! Thanks for your feedback!!

    I checked my log files: The problem was caused by some strange characters that appear in nepalese placenames. In any case, that’s now fixed, and blogloc fully supports Nepal 🙂

    There is still a small problem in the browser when you update your location: Special characters will be replaced with ‘?’ characters. I’m going to fix that, too. But as I said, that’s just in the browser interface, and it’s just an ‘optical’ problem. The functionality of the service and the map badge itself are not affected.

    Have fun using blogloc! Let me know in case you encounter any other problems, or in case there’s any additional feature you would like to see in the future!

    Safe travels,

  3. Just a quick update: second problem is also fixed. Special characters should no longer cause any problems anywhere.


  4. Thanks a lot Rainer, the problems are indeed fixed. It works perfect now!



  5. AKAIK yovu’e got the answer in one!

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