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As I said, I enjoy taking a closer look at the search terms stats here at the no.5 blog every now and then. Without further ado: here’s another round of my recent favourites! lbs on the mobile without gps. Seems I get more of these and similar queries lately. symbian neighbouring cell ids. Yep. Another […]

Ok, maybe it’s time for Gartner to introduce a new type of hype curve: one with two peaks – to describe what seems to happen right now with location based services with the release of the GPS iPhone. (Or maybe they have that curve already, who knows. I’d call it ‘correlated hype cycle’ or something.) […]

Sorry to my small but friendly blogloc ‘closed beta’ testing community. As you may have noticed, blogloc has spontaneously decided to take the weekend off for some unscheduled downtime last Friday night. This has, in fact happend the second time already and was due to a power outage at my hosting location (I swear!) As […]



…Google has officially posted the inner details of the My Location API, explaining the fact that they rely on Cell ID (and not triangulation) and crowdsourcing from GMM users with GPS-enabled phones (and not contracts with operators). Well, dear readers, you knew it all along (sorry, couldn’t resist). Despite the (IMO) suggestive title of the […]



My new spare-time project blogloc is not even out of closed beta yet, and already people are finding alternative ways to use it! Lacking a decent mobile phone with a GPS (c’mon, it doesn’t even have 3G, jeez) Katz has elected to use blogloc as her personal “I would rather be here” sidebar widget, and […]