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The idea of using Google Earth as a platform for games is one that I’ve been fascinated with for a long time. Think Google Earth-equivalents to those browser-based, Flash-powered time-killers you might play during your lunchbreak! Think massive multiplayer! Think merging digital globes with online virtual worlds! (See some previous posts about it here, here, […]

All right. As I said in one of my last posts, I really want one of those maps on my blog’s sidebar where I can share my current geographical location, directly from my GPS-enabled mobile phone. I also said that there are several tracking services out there that give you a mobile client and an […]

Just a quick “news plus links to remember” post: Both Google and Yahoo! are opening up there geographical indexes – Yahoo! with the Yahoo! Internet Location Platform and Google with a soon-to-be-released GeoSearch API. [Via The Map Room and Google Earth Blog] And one more: Though there have been a few Flash-powered Google Maps apps […]

Over the weekend I took some time to thoroughly test drive the Nokia N95‘s Internet-based A-GPS. First off: the experience of using apps like Google Maps or the Nokia Sportstracker with it is just excellent. Blazing fast fix times (30 seconds to a minute, maybe) and reliable signal reception. Even works indoors with no trouble. […]

Wow. This should seriously get me Paul’s and Katja’s undivided attention 😀 According to this article in Austrian newspaper Der Standard, T-Mobile has announced in a recent press conference that Austria will be among the first countries to get the 3G iPhone (iPhones, in fact). [Found via Gadget Lab]. In the mean time: here’s […]