Search Terms


Every now and then I enjoy taking a closer look at the search engine terms that people who have found my blog were using. Some are actually quite interesting. And some are quite funny (though I have yet to make the same weird experiences as this guy here 😉 ) Anyways, here’s some recent examples:

  • mmorpg ajax framework. I like that one. Don’t know whether this person was looking for an AJAX framework dedicated to the development of MMORPGs, or some sort of JavaScript framework that runs inside an MMORPG, though.
  • jsr 179 on phones without gps. Yes, I would be interested in that one as well. My old Siemens CX70 used to have it, but it seemed to depend on some obscure network feature which at least my operator didn’t support. (Any ideas anyone?)
  • javascript nmea parser. Interesting. I’m not sure what exactly would be the use of that, but nonetheless…
  • j2me panoramio. Hm. It seems there actually is no J2ME geotagging/photoupload client that supports panoramio… yet.
  • google location api cell id. Look Google, I told you. People want a My Location API 🙂
  • google api 3d c#. My favourite so far. Is someone thinking about using Google Earth as a game engine?
  • building a location based service. A fundamental question, if not THE fundamental question. (Interested in my thesis? 😀 )
  • rainer geospatial. I feel flattered, honestly 😀
  • le numéro 5 blog. That’s what they call it in France.

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