Mobile Web Watch 2008


Found via Mobile Zeitgeist: Mobile Web Watch 2008 – a study conducted in Germany by Forsa on behalf of Accenture. (Study participants: 2.043 Internet users.)

Some quick notes on the results:

  • 26 million Internet-enabled phones in Germany, but only 3 million people are actively using the mobile Internet.
  • "Innovative terminal devices like the iPhone are boosting mobile Internet use." (Not again…)
  • Of those people who do not own an Internet-capable device, only 12 percent want one (and only 5 percent of those aged between 14 and 19 years!)
  • Only 3 percent of pre-paid customers access the Internet from their phone.
  • Those who use the Internet on their phone today use mostly: e-mail (54 percent), news (44 percent) and weather info (32 percent).
  • Generally there’s not much use of entertainment services like music download, mobile video or social networking.
  • Applications with the biggest potential: navigation and LBS, mobile payment. 70 percent of survey participants would use their phone as navigation device, 41 percent would perceive it as added value if their phone would alert them of attractive shops, restaurants or events nearby, 35 percent would use their phone as a wallet or credit card.

More info (german) here.

One Response to “Mobile Web Watch 2008”

  1. Interesting numbers… thanks for sharing…


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