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That’s it. The last step in my life as a PhD student is now complete. Yesterday I successfully passed my thesis defense at Vienna University of Technology. Which means that the next time you leave a comment on my blog, I would ask you to please start your comment with "Dear Dr. Simon" Alternatively, you […]

There’s a great post over at the 01 blog. Already put it on my shared Google Reader feed (which, just by the way, is a highly recommendable source of information 😉 ), but thought I’d also dedicate a short post on my own blog since the original post’s in German. In his post, the author […]

After my previous post on OpenCellID I dug up some old work of mine which I did back in 2002: I collected GSM signal power measurements (cell ID and RXLEV values) across Vienna’s inner city district for my master’s thesis. The goal was to assess the potential accuracy that could be reached for mobile positioning […]



Just stumbled across OpenCellID : Google may still be keeping the GSM cell ID database they’re using for Google Maps for Mobile closed. In the mean time, however, Thomas Landspurg (of J2MEMap fame) has started his own, collaborative open source effort to compile a free directory of GSM cell IDs along with their geo-coordinates! There’s […]

Search Terms


Every now and then I enjoy taking a closer look at the search engine terms that people who have found my blog were using. Some are actually quite interesting. And some are quite funny (though I have yet to make the same weird experiences as this guy here 😉 ) Anyways, here’s some recent examples: […]

Step by Step


Step by step I’m getting closer to my PhD 🙂 My thesis “Mobilizing the Geospatial Web: A Framework and Conceptual Model for Spatially Aware Mobile Web Applications” has been formally approved by my supervisor and co-supervisor a few weeks ago. This week I got my 50 personal printed copies (thanks to my former employer for […]

Quick update to my earlier post on the Sim-City-like 3D pixel art map of Hong Kong. Turns out there’s more of them, and that they’ve been around for quite a while already: The Map Room has this post on a Shanghai equivalent. Other Chinese cities seem to be available as well (see here), but I […]