Carefully Handpicked Stuff


I hate it when I suddenly find out about some cool online service or feature that everybody else already seems to use, and I haven’t even heard about it! Makes me feel old. Slow. As if I was some relict from a long forgotten pre-iPhone era. So totally one-point-oh.

Well… as shameful as this may sound, it has happend to me again: It took me until yesterday to discover Google Reader‘s excellent “share” feature. It lets you mark individual feed items, which then get published to a feed of their own. (For my defense I have to say that I’m of course such a Web-savvy, digitally native, mobile-lifestyle-living and – let’s face it – all around cool person that I normally read my feeds on my PDA with a feed reader called Egress, and use Google Reader only very very selectively. But that just as a side note…)

Anyways. Thanks to the neat “share” feature, I shall henceforth become more Web 2.0-compliant – and will share my reading habits with the world: You can view or subscribe to a personally hand-picked selection of my favourite blog posts from around the blogosphere in my blog’s sidebar under “carefully handpicked stuff”. Truly excellent.

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