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The weekend blogging frenzy continues. Four posts in three days! This blog is starting to become “so packed it should go on holiday”, as my favourite TV show host of all times always used to say 😀 But back to the facts: I watched an interesting panel discussion this Thursday on Location Based Services, organized […]

Absolutely awesome: A zoomable, draggable Web map of Hong Kong in Sim-City-like 3D pixel art style! The level of detail and accuracy is amazing: The hotel I stayed at the last time, the Polytechnical University where LBS 2007 took place – all there, correctly shaped and textured! (I’m still looking for that Vodka bar in […]

Found via Ogle Earth: The first issue of the International Journal of Digital Earth (Taylor and Francis) is out, and available for download for free. From the Website: International Journal of Digital Earth is concerned with the science and technology of Digital Earth and its applications in all major disciplines. The journal has wide range […]

I hate it when I suddenly find out about some cool online service or feature that everybody else already seems to use, and I haven’t even heard about it! Makes me feel old. Slow. As if I was some relict from a long forgotten pre-iPhone era. So totally one-point-oh. Well… as shameful as this may […]

Found via Slashgeo /the Joesonic Blog: link to a documentary that was shown on Austrian TV recently. It’s about Vexcel Imaging (now part of Microsoft) in Graz, Austria, who are doing some amazing R&D on image-based 3D reconstruction. (And it’s also guest-starring Konrad, my former project manager from the Creative Histories project 😉 ) I […]

W2GIS 2008


And one more: Call for Papers is out on the 8th International Symposium on Web and Wireless Geographical Information Systems. (Attended the 6th one two years ago, but missed the last one, unfortunately.) Held in December in Shanghai, China. Paper submission deadline June 16.

And while we’re at it: call for papers is also out for the 5th International Symposium on LBS & TeleCartography (LBS 2008), held in Salzburg, Austria in November. Excellent event with a growing community around it. This year the Symposium is extending: held at a one-year interval instead of the two-year intervals of the previous […]