GeoVector Nominated for Ground Breaker Award


Found via V1 Magazine: mobile search startup GeoVector was nominated for the Ground Breaker Award by the Service Providers Forum of the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley.

I’ve been following the company since some two years now. The thinking behind their product is pretty much along the same lines as the stuff I used to experiment with in my former company (and for my thesis, partly): mobile search by pointing.

They seem to have attracted a decent user base for their service in Japan, though I have yet to meet someone who actually tried their service for real. Until then, to be honest, I’m not convinced about whether it works with decent accuracy and quality in practice. The YouTube video they embed on their company Website, at least, doesn’t do much to resolve my doubts. (Considering it’s their ‘official’ promo clip that’s supposed to show the product on it’s best behavior…)

Quote from the press release:

GeoVector is currently working with major carriers in the US and Europe and expects its pointing-based applications to be available in those regions by late 2008.

Since I haven’t made any of the obligatory new year predictions this year, let me at least give you this one be-lated 2008 prediction: They’re being too optimistic 😉

2 Responses to “GeoVector Nominated for Ground Breaker Award”

  1. It’s very accurate. Please come to Japan and give it a try.

  2. Hi Peter! I’d definitely love to try it out hands-on. Going to Japan and getting a contract + suitable handset is pretty much out of range for me at the moment, though. Also, I haven’t found any user reviews or experience reports on the Web so far. (If there is one I’ll be more than happy to post it here!)

    My personal experience with comparable tech, however, is that any pointing-based system is heavily (and I mean HEAVILY) dependent on the quality of the GPS fix you get. And that’s tough to control, especially in urban environment.

    In any case, if your travels should take you to or near Austria any time soon – it would be great to have a chat if you’re interested!


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