Garmin nüvifone


Just in time for the Congress formerly known as 3GSM: Personal navigation products manufacturer Garmin has announced in a press release this week the nüvifone – a GPS-enabled 3.5G smartphone. Release 3rd quarter 2008.

Maps and POI data preloaded for North America, Eastern and Western Europe (I always considered Austria Central Europe – hey!); spoken turn-by-turn instructions; access to Garmin’s online service for real-time traffic, fuel prices, and various other local info; and they’ll also be partnering with Google for more GPS-enabled local search and access to Panoramio’s database of geocoded photos.

More: automatic geoTagging of photos taken with the built-in camera, MP3 player, and… there’s also the nowadays mandatory “web browser incorporating premium features and touchscreen operation for an optimum mobile browsing experience”. Go Garmin! 😀

The official info plus colorful imagery is here. No info on the expected price tag, who’s actually manufacturing the phone, what type of OS goes on it, what APIs the geeks amongst us can expect, or detailed jailbreaking procedures out yet.

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