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Peter just pointed me to the announcement site for the First International Workshop on Trends in Pervasive and Ubiquitous Geotechnology and Geoinformation. Peter’s on the program commitee himself and, officially, I strongly support this event and encourage everyone with a research interest in mobile geoinformation systems and location based services to submit and/or attend. Secretly, […]

Now that the Mobile World Congress is over, there’s lots of talk that 2008 will be the year of location based services (see here, here or here). I googled a little bit on that – and what did I have to see? I learned that 2007 could turn out to be the year of LBS. […]

Small, but relevant news this morning (and I’m not talking about that second Asus Eee PC I’ve seen in the wild on the Subway today – but that’s pretty cool too): Read on my feeds that Google has released the Static Maps API last week. It’s a very simple API that delivers a statically rendered […]

Found via V1 Magazine: mobile search startup GeoVector was nominated for the Ground Breaker Award by the Service Providers Forum of the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley. I’ve been following the company since some two years now. The thinking behind their product is pretty much along the same lines as the stuff I used to […]

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Wow. When I read my newsfeeds on the subway home today I was MORE than surprised to find my name on the W3C Planet Mobile Web feed. Ric Ferraro blogs about Point to Discover, one of my former research projects! Can it be true that I’m – slowly but surely – achieving some real-world geek […]

Nice link to remember: geocoder + reverse geocoder alternatives to the Google Maps API. Includes commercial APIs along with free ones. Coverage for many of the services is restricted to across the pond, though.

Just in time for the Congress formerly known as 3GSM: Personal navigation products manufacturer Garmin has announced in a press release this week the nüvifone – a GPS-enabled 3.5G smartphone. Release 3rd quarter 2008. Maps and POI data preloaded for North America, Eastern and Western Europe (I always considered Austria Central Europe – hey!); spoken […]