It’s Done! (Well… the biggest part anyway ;-)


It’s done. This week I handed in the first (yet unofficial, but complete) version of my thesis entitled “Mobilizing the Geospatial Web: A Framework for Spatially Aware Mobile Web Applications”, in which I take a somewhat different (geeky, but different) perspective on the future of LBS, neogeo and everything.

Ten Chapters with lots of pictures in them; 107 scientific references; you can find the word “iPhone” in it; you can not find the word “Web 2.0” in it (well… except for the references 😉 ); it ends with the word “life” (doesn’t that spread a positive mood?); and there’s even a paragraph I drafted on my mobile phone. In other words: this thesis’ got something for everyone!

No honestly – I feel that overall, the thesis turned out quite well; though I’m still awaiting the official feedback from my advisor, of course. I can’t really tell how long it will take until I have collected all feedback, completed all revisions and can finally venture into my PhD defense (probably a few months still); but I definitely want to put a PDF up for download once that’s settled.

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