Blind Calls in the Times of the Mobile Internet


I guess I just figured out what the “blind call” (you know, one of those calls where you undeliberately push the re-dail button of your mobile while carrying it in your pocket; and all the person on the other end of the line gets to hear are muted sounds) equivalent of the mobile Internet age is: When I checked my blog on the weekend I was surprised to find that Shozu had uploaded pretty much all the photos I had stored on my N95. Hm… it seems Shozu got a little bit trigger happy on the “share it” option while I was carrying the phone in my pocket. OR… it’s a secret feature to boost mobile data revenue for the Operators 😀

UPDATE: I just found out what the official german word for this type of call is. It’s ‘Taschenanruf’ (Pocketcall) – at least that’s the term call center use in my company. Who would have known? 🙂

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