P2D in the Press


Hi. Me again. No I’m not dead. Just still mostly too busy for blogging *weep* Anyways: from what I could recently see in the visitor stats of my former project’s Website, we are – strangely – getting some spanish (!) online news/blog attention lately: Check out this, this , this, or this post here.

Unfortunately my Spanish is mostly limited to “una cerveza por favor” (or, well, “un café con leche, por favor” – depending of the time of day), so I can’t really tell what the posts say exactly. But most of it seems to be based on the info from our Website and possibly the article I wrote for the Geoconnexion magazine some time ago. Anyways: thanks for the attention, everyone!

2 Responses to “P2D in the Press”

  1. Hi, thanks. My english not´s good. But I would like to know yor team.
    It is a goo site. Congratulations.

  2. Hi Ricardo, as I wrote here I’m out of the research business unfortunately – for now 😉 Anyways, feel free to contact the P2D core team for questions or insanely high investment offers.


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