And one more thing: the program for the LBS2007 Symposium is out. A close look on the schedule for Thursday afternoon will reveal… my name! Yep, I’ll present final test results from the P2D project.

I’m really looking forward to this event for more than one reason: first, I presented at the previous LBS and TeleCartography Symposium back in 2005, and it was an excellent event. In fact, this was the event that first brought me in contact with the geo community, and really sparked my interest in LBS and mobile geospatial apps. Secondly, it’s going to take place in Hong Kong: I already visited HK one year ago, for another conference (the W2GIS) – and it’s the most exciting city I’ve ever been to. So… who would I be to decline another company-paid flight there πŸ˜€

Finally… and I’m getting somewhat sentimental about this now… it’s going to be my farewell presentation. Yes, I’ve finally decided to end my life as a researcher. As of now, I’ll be having a serious job in the industry, tackling real world problems for real world customers. It’s no longer going to be about geo unfortunately, but of course it’s still going to be about mobile. In any case, there’s some exciting new challenges ahead for me, so wish me luck πŸ˜‰

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