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enjoy.jpgStill not much time for blogging activity lately. My thesis is starting to look real decent though, finally – and this despite the fact that I decided against my initial plan to fit the words “heavy shit” into it (true Google Earth fans will know why) in a feeble attempt to compensate lack of scientific value by provocation.

Nevertheless, I did manage to fit the word ‘iPhone’ in (I know I’m a hopeless case). Which brings me nicely to second story for today: After his short and passionate affair, Paul has split up with his iPhone. It’s gone, sold on eBay. We don’t really know what caused him to do it, but he hinted that after the initial physical attraction of the first days; after having it exposed down to its bare baseband processor; after scratching open the magic circuit path and unlocking it with his own hands; after he had it all… the thrill and excitement had suddenly worn off. He just felt more comfortable returning to his modest, good-natured Nokia N80.

Somehow, this is really a heart-warming story. A story of seduction, catharsis, and those true finnish family values we all secretly long for. (Man, I really need to finish my thesis, get a real job, and start getting back to a normal mental state again 😀 )

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